4 October 2023

Revolution Wind Secures US Nod, Becomes Fourth Major Offshore Wind Project

US Department of the Interior (DOI) has given its green light to the Revolution Wind offshore wind farm in Rhode Island and Connecticut. This marks the fourth such approval for a commercial-scale offshore wind project by the DOI. Revolution Wind is set to join the ranks of Vineyard Wind in Massachusetts, South Fork Wind spanning Rhode Island and New York, and Ocean Wind 1 off the coast of New Jersey.

Following the receipt of its record of decision, the Revolution Wind project is gearing up for onshore construction activities in the upcoming weeks, while offshore construction is slated to intensify in 2024. The wind farm is anticipated to be operational by 2025. The collaboration between Eversource, an energy provider, and Ørsted, a Danish wind industry leader, constitutes Rhode Island and Connecticut’s inaugural utility-scale offshore wind farm.

Positioned around 15 miles off the Rhode Island coast, 32 miles southeast of Connecticut’s shoreline, and 12 miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard, Revolution Wind will deliver a robust 704-megawatt (MW) capacity. This comprises 400 MW of clean energy to Rhode Island and 304 MW to Connecticut. These power provisions are anticipated to serve over 350,000 households across both states. Moreover, the construction phase is expected to generate approximately 1,200 local jobs.

Deb Haaland, the Secretary of the Interior, emphasized the ambitious target set by President Biden to achieve 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind capacity by 2030. She expressed strong confidence in meeting this goal and highlighted the collaborative efforts involving industry, labor, and coastal partners across the nation. The establishment of a burgeoning offshore wind sector along the east, west, and Gulf coasts was underscored as a pivotal stride toward achieving this milestone.

Liz Burdock, the CEO and founder of the Business Network for Offshore Wind, commended the advancement of the US offshore wind industry. Burdock stressed the significance of consistent environmental reviews for offshore wind projects, which play a pivotal role in driving investments in the supply chain. The announcement of Revolution Wind’s approval was recognized as a boost for various supply chain components, including production at ProvPort in Rhode Island, cable manufacturing in South Carolina, steel fabrication in western New York, and shipbuilding activities in Texas and Louisiana.

In summation, the DOI’s approval of the Revolution Wind offshore wind farm signifies a significant stride in realizing the US’s ambitious clean energy targets. The project’s impending construction stages are poised to generate employment opportunities and stimulate investment in various regions, while also contributing to the growth of the US offshore wind sector as a whole.